As time has moved on and nationwide we have become more aware of leaky buildings, home owners are faced with the problems of owning a leaky building or a building that has a building consent but has never been signed off by council or received a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

More often than not these issues become a major hurdle when it comes to selling our prized possession.  The public are more aware of the need to have a code compliant house and the daunting costs and onerous task sometimes associated with obtaining a CCC and the potential loss of value from not having a CCC or owning a leaky building.

Many of the building and/or building alterations constructed in New Zealand have been undertaken with out a building consent or the work simply failed to get a CCC. Statistically thousands of New Zealand houses fall into the ‘Leaky Building’ syndrome. Simply put this is when the building suffers from external water ingress.

At GBC Group we can help you work through the red tape, advise if problems exist and how to address them. Our previous experience working at Council allows us to quickly navigate through the steps that bring resolution to your situation.

We can provide property specific investigation, address council ‘Notice to Fix’ requirements, prepare plans and building consent documents, arrange reliable contractors and if required manage the entire process till you are issued with your CCC.


Our services include:

  • Visual and destructive investigations
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Reporting
  • Timber damage and repair inspections and reports (B2 Durability)
  • Expert witness services
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Building Consent applications
  • Tender and tender analysis
  • Long and short term maintenance plans

If you have an unresolved construction issue or suspect you have a leaky building please email us at