Project Management

Changes to the Building Act (changes made January 2015) now mean that all building work over $30,000.00 including GST require a written contract between you and your contractor. Contracts typically include allowances for variations, retention sums, inclusions and exclusions, PC sums, contingency sums and limitations to name a few. This has increased the complexities involved in carrying out building work and for the home owner this means that you have to have an understanding and familiarity with the work and process, in order to confidently sign a contract.

The results of poorly run building work or a building dispute can end up in a lengthy and costly arbitration process.

GBC Group can assist you to ensure your building project is successful from inception to completion. We can recommend and put you in contact with qualified and experienced design teams familiar with remedial work. They can take your project through the Building Consent process to the finished ‘turn the key’ build, complete with CCC. Additionally, we can recommend project managers who can provide quality assurance, run the contracts and provide contract administration services in conjunction with your design team.  

GBC Group regularly works with builders and contractors, and can recommend the right contractor for your job. 

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Project Management