In recent years we have seen the increase of commercial buildings, multi unit, high rise apartment and commercial blocks suffering from original construction deficiencies. GBC Group has investigated many of these buildings on behalf of body corporates and the owners and in our experience we have found the following as significant issues and concern;

  • Non compliant passive fire installation.
  • Structural deterioration
  • Ventilation underperformance
  • Failure to meet acoustic rating compliance
  • Significant façade installation issues
  • Systemic product installation failure
  • Lack of containment from spread of internal water
  • Lack of or inadequate seismic design
  • Lack of or no provision to provide short or long term maintenance plans
  • Failure to contain external subterranean and surface water


We can provide a cost effective and affordable preliminary investigation to assess your building. We look for visible fire deficiencies, structural deterioration, signs of water ingress or failure, be it roof or walls. From this platform we can arrange comprehensive surveys liaising with and coordinating specialist engineers and contractors to assess all aspects of the building. This process requires specialist skills and experience; without these skills un-necessary costs can be incurred and incorrect diagnostic repairs scoped.

Our experience in these types of building have resulted in significant claims being heard. We have the necessary expertise in providing detailed and comprehensive reports, providing robust documents and briefs of evidence of the purpose of a claim and working with our clients to formulate a repair plan and critical path to the building being remediated.

If we can be of assistance in any issues that you currently have or suspect may exist, or if you are just after a peace of mind report please contact us at